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Please carefully check available documentation on HUST and Deadline before you apply!

Hello HALLIDAY Johny (we assume you belong to TSE and wish to go to HUST during 2014-2015 academic year): Before filling the application below, please prepare a folder, under Google Drive, and share it with AMPERE staff. You can start filling the form once the folder is ready, even if it is empty (as you will need only the folder URL); then you should fill this folder, as soon as possible, with your application documents, in PDF format (no more than 150Kb per page, please).

Here is the step by step procedure:

Step by step application procedure for HUST
  1. Get the green light from your local international China coordinator (see your local international office);
  2. Get a Google account and identifier [if necessary]; connect to Google Drive with this identifier and the associated password;
  3. Create an empty folder by the name of $$ HALLIDAY Johny - TSE to HUST - 2014-2015, then
    1. Share this folder with us ( mgr AT and alexandre.dabrowski AT ), where  AT  stands for @; granting us edit permission: we shall remove the leading $$  as an acknowledgement of your invitation,
    2. Get a link to this folder and save the link (copy it to some text file) for use in the form below;
  4. Fill the "AMPERE to HUST application form” below: at some point, you will be requested to supply the link to your shared application folder;
  5. Start filling your application folder by uploading your application documents to this shared folder.

AMPERE to HUST application form