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application documents

Let us assume your family name (surname) is HALLIDAY, and your given name is Johny. Here are the requested documents for your application to HUST:
  • HALLIDAY Johny - application.docApplication form for HUST (Word document supplied by HUST, filled by yourself);
  • HALLIDAY Johny - ???.pdf: All documents ??? required by the above, in PDF form;
  • HALLIDAY Johny - passport.pdf: Passport image (PDF form);
  • HALLIDAY Johny - enrollment.pdf: Enrollment certificate (certificat de scolarité de votre école AMPERE);
  • HALLIDAY Johny - transcripts.pdf: All available transcripts of records (relevés de notes) for semesters of studies spent in your AMPERE institution, in chronological order, as one assembled PDF document;
  • HALLIDAY Johny - recommendation.pdf: One or two letters of recommendation (written in Chinese or English) from your professors and/or institution representatives, as one assembled PDF document;
  • HALLIDAY Johny - motivation.pdf: Letter of motivation in Chinese or English;
  • HALLIDAY Johny - study project.pdf: Project of studies at HUST;
  • HALLIDAY Johny - cv.pdf: Résumé (curriculum vitae);
  • HALLIDAY Johny - languages.pdf: Language test certificates (for Chinese and English languages);
  • HALLIDAY Johny - bachelor.pdf: Bachelor's degree certificate (or certificate of equivalence) delivered by your AMPERE institution (mandatory for master courses or double diploma applications).
You are invited to upload these documents into your shared application folder (the one you declared upon filling the form).