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For all kinds of applications (internships, classes, double diploma, ...):

  • 15 April: submit application to AMPERE, see >>HUST, that is, fill online form and share a folder with all requested documents, register to HUST--AMPERE discussion group;
  • 30 April: Alexandre Dabrowski (in charge of HUST / AMPERE exchange) will send all your application documents to HUST, cc you, your school representative(s) for this exchange, and other AMPERE staff, provided your application is complete and your documents are readable and of reasonable size.


  • Share your folder (when it is empty) and fill the online form as soon as possible, so that your school and AMPERE representatives are informed of your intention.
  • Add each requested document incrementally to your shared folder, so that your school and AMPERE representatives can check it and provide feedback to you; DO NOT wait until all your documents are ready.
  • Be proactive: you can send email alerts from your shared folder or any document within this folder to relevant collaborators (see online help on Google Drive).