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All the material here was provided by HUST delegation who visited ENSEIRB-MATMECA on 17 October 2013, as part of their 17--22 October 4 AMPERE school tour, except for a record of ENSEIRB-MATMECA and Bordeaux visit.

NEW! HUST Chinese summer program for AMPERE (a 4 week cultural program designed by HUST, that you may wish to complete with 2 or 4 more weeks in China).

two videos, courtesy HUST + one long video of the visit

Why did you choose HUST?

HUST delegation at EIRBMMK - 17 Oct 2013

Life at HUST

internships (3+N), study periods, double diploma

HUST presentation for AMPERE

2--6 week summer school (chinese culture & language)

HUST Chinese Summer Program (CSP)

see also HUST Chinese summer program for AMPERE