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Let us assume you are HALLIDAY Johny, a TSE student and
  • You wish to go to HUST during academic year 2014-2015.
How to share your application folder with us under Google Drive
If you already have a Google account, associated with some personal Email address (any Email address, not necessarily gmail, say, this is very simple:
  • Connect to Google drive with your Google identifier and password;
  • Create a folder under your Google drive, with the name:
    $$ HALLIDAY Johny - TSE to HUST - 2014-2015; [The $$  will disappear once we start handling your folder];
  • Share it with mgr AT and alexandre.dabrowski AT (this is my email, and Alexandre Dabrowski's email, if you replace  AT  with @) checking the above folder in your folder list, and applying the Share action, granting me "edit" permission; make sure you send me an email notification with copy to yourself, by checking the appropriate boxes in the Share dialogue window.
Everything you add to your shared folder will automatically be shared: please do not use the Share action anymore; once for the folder is enough!

How to obtain the URL of (link to) your application folder
  • Check it in your folder list and apply the Share action;
  • Copy the link which is displayed at the top of the Share dialogue window.
This is the link you will need to supply when filling your application form.
For detailed help on how to get a link to your shared folder, please check GoogleDocsTor >> Share >> Share publicly or privately, Get a link to shared folder.

Make sure you place your $$ HALLIDAY Johny - EIRBMMK to HUST - 2014-2015 under your HUST mobility folder, itself under your main folder shared with ENSEIRB-MATMECA staff. Example:
  • HALLIDAY Johny main folder shared with ENSEIRB-MATMECA staff;
    • HALLIDAY Johny - PFE S10 - HUST - 2014-2015 sub-folder for your HUST mobility, shared with ENSEIRB-MATMECA;
      • $$ HALLIDAY Johny - EIRBMMK to HUST - 2014-2015 folder to be shared with AMPERE staff and transmitted to HUST staff.

How to upload your application documents
This is quite simple for anyone, even for a future engineer: check available help on GoogleDocsTor, if you need it.

Make sure you upload your application documents to your shared folder $$ HALLIDAY Johny - TSE to HUST - 2014-2015.

This is quite simple too for anyone, even for a future engineer.

Let's talk about HUST / AMPERE exchange
Welcome to HUST-AMPERE Google group: please register under your Google identifier,,and post your answers and questions to share them with AMPERE students and staff.