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Thank you for your interest in AMPERE schools: from your responses, and the application documents you will supply, we shall do our best to assign you one of the 7 AMPERE graduate schools that best matches your study project, and preferences. Once you have been assigned a school, and tutor, you will proceed from there for the rest of your application. We assume your surname (family name) is LI and your given names are Min Yang.

Application procedure for AMPERE
If you have access to Google Drive (sometimes called Google Docs), we would like you to use this tool, for the purpose of sharing your application documents, rather than sending us email attachments, because it is much more convenient and efficient. Here is the general procedure:
  1. Get a Google account and identifier; connect to Google Drive with this identifier and the associated password;
  2. Create an empty folder by the name of $$ LI Min Yang - HUST2AMPERE - 2013-2014, then
    1. Share this folder with us ( mgr AT and alexandre.dabrowski AT, where  AT  stands for @; granting us edit permission: we shall remove the leading $$  as an acknowledgement of your invitation,
    2. Get a link to this folder and save the link (copy it to some text file) for use in the form below;
  3. Fill the form below: at some point, you will be requested to supply the link to your shared application folder;
  4. Start filling your application folder by uploading your application documents to this shared folder.

HUST to AMPERE application form